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      Do you struggle with stubborn, severe or hormonal acne? Here is all you need to know to make treating your acne easier!
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      Internal Cosmetics are changing the face of beauty. For the first time in history, a 100% natural and ingestible product range now sits in the cosmetic section, encouraging us to think more holistically about what true beauty really means. In a well-established industry, Qt is challenging the status quo by incorporating a new health and wellness offering into the beauty market.

      The concept of ‘Internal Cosmetics’ came from founder Callum Stewart, who grew up in the health, vitamin and supplement industry with his father and grandfather establishing New Zealand Nutritionals. Qt Internal Cosmetics has been built from a wealth of family knowledge that combines over 45 years of scientific research, manufacturing and distribution of leading supplement brands. Callum’s fanatical attention to detail and drive to provide a better quality solution that anything else in the market has established Qt as an industry leading brand. This is evident in the products, results and high caliber of professional beauty salons and clinics that distribute Qt as the only professional grade, ingestible beauty solution. The idea of Internal Cosmetics was born from a desire to focus on beauty from the inside out. The treatment of skin concerns such as ageing, acne and eczema, rather than using cosmetics to mask the problem, builds a better foundation to focus on real beauty from within.

      Qt is paving the way in pursuit of excellence. With a mission to revolutionise and deliver real results apparent in skin, hair, nails and body, but more importantly to revive the way that that people feel about themselves. All products are proudly made in New Zealand, so quality, authenticity and transparency of ingredients are undeniable. By encompassing a wider market as the first brand to produce a range of products specifically for men, Qt believes that everyone deserves to become the best and most confident version of themselves, proving that beauty really is skin deep.

       Qt’s preciously made potions use the finest ingredients all of which are 100% natural, ethically sourced, and GMO Free - synergistically engineered for the most effective absorption into the body. The flavours pique the senses, and with each day that goes by the products magically transform your face to feel like spun silk, healing imperfections, and supporting your gut and digestion so you feel more energised with every scoop.

       Expect elegantly strong nails, and luscious hair to go with your new enhanced signature look thanks to our unique keratin formulations. Nurture the totality of your being, because no look is more classic than your own! Be remembered for your irresistible magnetism and unforgettable aura. You are an icon.  Explore a world of Internal Cosmetics for him and her and give yourself the power to create your own beauty.

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