The health of your nails is of utmost importance to us. That is why we have chosen products and treatments that are high in quality to ensure that that the condition of your nails and skin is maintained or even improved. We pride ourselves on using techniques that do not compromise or dehydrate the nail plate as other older and traditional techniques can.

We have chosen The Gel Bottle system for our gel manicures and pedicures. All their products 100% vegan and cruelty free, highly pigmented, offer extreme wear and chip resistance. The revolutionary BIAB™ (Builder in a bottle) is stronger than most gels and is the perfect addition under your gel colour to increase nail flexibility and provide strength when impaired, brittle or prone to breakage. This product can also be used to create sculpted extensions to add instant length without the need to buff the nail plate down or use harsh means to remove.

Silk Space now offers the IBX strengthening system as an add-on treatment to your gel manicures or gel removals. The IBX system penetrates into the nail plate, fusing the layers of the nail to repair damage. This treatment can be used to:
Treat thin, weak, damaged nails
Repair delaminated and peeling free edges
Toughen natural nails, helping them to grow
Improve the colour and appearance of natural nails
Act as a protective shield under gel polish or nail enhancements

Gel pedicure $58
Gel manicure $52
Gel manicure with BIAB overlay $64
Gel removal (no re-application) $25

Choose relevant add-on nail treatments required

Gel removal (with re-application) +$10
IBX +$15
Simple nail art +50c p/n
Basic nail art +$1 p/n
Detailed nail art +$1.50 p/n


Silk Space Clinic Gel Bottle Manicure