Pure Enzymes - Cranberry Exfoliating Mask

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A gentle yet powerful exfoliant that utilises Cranberry Enzymes and Lactic Acid to slough away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a radiant, softer skin.


  • Exfoliates to soften the skin

  • Improves congestion

  • Unclogs pores

  • Packed with antioxidants

  • Hydrating

Key Ingredients

  • Lactic Acid

  • Cranberry Enzymes

  • L-Superoxide Dismutase and L-Glutathione

  • D-Glucuronic Acid

Suitable for

All skin types


Apply a pea size amount onto cleaned skin two to three times a week. Can be left on for up to 10 minutes before being rinsed off with warm water. Follow with your serums and moisturiser.