Ultimate Acne Guide E-Book

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Do you struggle with stubborn, severe or hormonal acne? Or even the odd breakout and want to learn how to improve your skin? If so, then this acne guide is for you!

Acne is a complex skin condition, but skin isn't the only organ that's involved... our body systems are deeply intertwined and our skin reflects what is happening internally

It is imperative to treat acne holistically! Otherwise if we do not address the internal triggers for your acne, the condition will continue. Skin care and in-clinic treatments alone will not be a magic cure.

This 30+ page E-book is the perfect addition to your holistic treatment plan because it will address all aspects that can influence acne:

  • What acne is and the different classifications of acne lesions with custom designed diagrams by Gabrielle (Instagram - @gab_rielle_designs).
  • The different factors that can cause or impact acne such as hormones, contraception, PCOS, gut health, diet (what to eat lots of and what to reduce), stress, maskne and makeup.
  • What an effective and holistic treatment plan should look like when treating acne. This of course includes addressing the lifestyle factors that I've mentioned, the importance of prescription skin care with non-brand specific ingredients to look for, product examples and finally the types of in-clinic treatments that are suitable for different types of acne lesions.
  • All topped off with a couple final tips

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Who am I and why should you read my E-book? I am a fully NCEA qualified beauty therapist and skin specialist who LOVES treating acne! I have paired my knowledge and experience treating clients to formulate this E-book and make treating your acne easier!

Be sure to read the little snippet of the E-book I've provided (Authors note in the product images) for some important self-love reminders!

When you purchase this E-book you will immediately be sent a link to download a PDF copy directly into your device.

Congratulations on starting your skin journey! Holly x