Why is a course of treatments best?

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could come in for your advanced skin treatment and immediately walk out looking 10 years younger or with all of your acne gone??

Trust me, we wish this could happen too!
You may often hear your therapist recommend you starting with a course of 3 when it comes to advanced skin treatments such as peels or micro needling. 
There is a reason why! 

The Science:

Just as most things in nature, our skin works in a cyclical pattern. 
It takes approximately 28 days for a skin cell’s life cycle to come full circle. This means from creation, to maturing up through the levels of the skin to the point where it “dies” and naturally sloughs off the skin - it takes 28 days; and that process only continues to slow down as we age.
If the skin cells present at your first appointment are poor quality, they can only reproduce a cell that is of the same quality as them (this happens through the process of mitosis).  If we are trying to create cellular change, our goal is to target the very base layer of your dermis where your brand new cells are being produced.  This is so that every new cell that is born is at top quality, using all the information that we are giving it through our treatments and your skincare at home.
The treatments we perform will start at a superficial level and with each treatment we do, the communication between your cells will improve. Eventually we will begin to see a more permanent change starting to take place. This is where your cells are now creating brand new cells which have been fed with all the amazing ingredients and nourishment - causing them to be high quality and continue to reproduce cells at the same level.

Consistency is Key!

It is going to take a few months of being regular with targeted treatments and skincare in order to increase the communication between your cells. This is why it is so important to be consistent with treatments, and why one peel is not going to change the quality of your skin long term.  We may be able to temporarily plump them and hydrate the cells on your first appointment, however this will not change your skin quality long term.
We recommend a minimum of three targeted treatments to create enough change within the cells, so that they can continue to reproduce more cells that are just as good quality as the ones we have encouraged. 
This is why if you are wanting LONG TERM results and REAL change, a course of targeted treatments is so important. One treatment alone will only be able to work at a superficial level and by the time the cells have undergone a full turnover, if you choose not to undergo a follow up treatment, the skin cells will revert back to their pre treatment state.
While three is the magic number to start seeing change deep within the skin, your skin journey is never ending and in order to see that flawless skin, your home-care and treatments should be a life long commitment.


Key Takings:

  • It takes a minimum of 28 days for a young healthy skin to turnover. (From birth of cell to death of cell).
  • Skin cells work through communication - what we do at the top will slowly trickle to the base through cell to cell communication
  • In order to create cellular change we need to target the base layer of the skin where the new cells are being produced. 
  • It will take approximately 3 skin cell life cycles in order for the ingredients we are giving the skin to begin assisting in better quality baby skin cells

It's not that your therapist is just wanting to see you more often (though that too!), we want you to see results and we KNOW that theres a certain bit of time before we will start to see them.

As always, if you're wanting to know which course of treatments would be best for your skin concerns, get in touch!

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