Dermaplaning (also known as epidermal leveling or blading) provides a gentle exfoliation of the skin while temporarily removing the fluffy vellus hairs. A medical grade scalpel is lightly passed over the skin to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and hair to reveal a smoother and glowing complexion. This in turn encourages cell turnover, promotes blood flow, increases product penetration, can improve congestion and over time reduce the appearance of scarring. You will also experience a smooth application of your makeup during the weeks post treatment.

We recommend to repeat this treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain cell turnover and exfoliation while keeping that peach fuzz in check. This treatment is also great paired with a mask or gentle peel to really hit congestion, breakouts, pigmentation and a dull skin.

Dermaplaning is also a great add-on for your facials to increase the product penetration of your treatment masks, peels and serums. Visit our facial treatment page for more info.

Silk Space Clinic Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning procedure

(45 mins) $155

Clinical cleanse | Skin prep solution | Dermaplaning | Enzyme/light lactic acid peel + facial massage | Serums | Hydrating mist | SPF. 

After Care

Be sure to follow the below after care instructions to ensure optimal results:

  • Sunscreen MUST BE WORN at all times
  • DO NOT pick or touch the skin
  • The odd breakout can occur post treatment while the skin is normalising. DO NOT pick or pop and it will quickly health on it's own
  • No makeup is to be applied until 12 hours after treatment, mineral makeup is best
  • No direct sun exposure for 12-24 hours after treatments
  • You may experience a slightly drier skin 3-5 days post treatment, you may gently exfoliate during this time under professional advice
  • Due to the nature of the treatment, minor "nicks" can occur although avoid through careful and experienced hands. These are very surface level and will disappear over a couple days. 
  • Increase the use of facial moisturisers for the week post treatment
  • Using active serums post treatment will boost the benefits of the treatment


Does dermaplaning make my hair grow back darker and thicker? Contrary to belief the removal of the fine vellus hairs on your face via dermaplaning does not encourage the hair follicles to grow back thicker or darker. The scalpel is sharper than a traditional razor, and is held at the correct angle so ensure the hairs are not cut bluntly but to a fine point so they grow back as they would naturally.

 Facial add-ons

At Silk Space we offer an array of add-on treatments that vary from effective electrical equipment, to highly active products. When booking in for a stand-alone Peel, Dermaplaning or Medi-Facial, it is recommended you book with add-on treatments to target your specific concerns and optimise results. Both of our Bespoke facial options have signature processes that are included in every facial, as well as a combination of complementary add-ons that are chosen on the day to treat your concerns. Available add-on treatments include:

Extraction and oxygenation combo
High frequency
Hydrojelly mask
Sculpted mask
Rejuvenating peptide gel mask
Chemical extractions

Click HERE for more information and prices for these add-ons.