Why your gut health is affecting your acne!
Our body is an intricate system that is VERY good at telling us when something is wrong, and acne is no exception to that! Acne at it's most basic form is a disorder of the pilo-sebaceous unit where an overproduction...
Are you sure you know your skin type?
Are you sure you know your skin type? Or the know the difference between a dry skin and a dehydrated skin? Or what moisturising products your skin needs? Two factors will determine what kind of hydration and moisturiser your skin requires. This...
What NOT to use on your skin!
I want to make a serious post calling out over the counter brands that make claims to TREAT your skin concerns when the ingredients will not live up to the promise!
Are you over-exfoliating?
Using exfoliants 2-3 times a week (dependant on skin-type) can be beneficial for the skin by encouraging cell turnover and aiding desquamation. When performed correctly it can also improve skin conditions such as congestion, acne, hyper pigmentation and ageing. HOWEVER, we need to be careful when exfoliating! The stratum corneum is the last layer of defence. We NEED this layer to act like a roof on a house and protect against dirt, excess sweat, pollutants, bacteria and makeup.
Is your skin care chirally-corrected? What you need to know!
Are your skin receptors actually accepting and positively interacting with the molecules in your skin care? Is your skin care chirally-corrected? What does this all mean? Many cosmeceutical skin care lines improve the purity and bio-availability of their products by...
Beginners guide to acne
What is acne? Acne occurs when there is an overproduction of sebum and dead skin cells that cause a blockage within the pores of the skin. As the condition worsens and bacteria is introduced we can see acne ‘lesions’ that...
6 reasons you experienced 'lock down skin'
With Auckland in a level 3 lock down again, I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about some of the common skin issues a lot of us faced during the last lock down. Almost every client, friend or family member came to me post lock down with an increase in concerns such as acne and congestion, dryness and dullness. There are a lot of factors that can cause changes like this to present in our skin:
Why you experience pigmentation and how to treat it
Pigment and hyperpigmentation can be a big cause of image anxiety and stress for us. It is incredibly important to me, that I can help you find the causes and provide treatments to improve this skin concern, making you feel more confident.
Why you should have a basic skin care regime
Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it is exposed to more environmental damage than any other. To protect and nourish your skin we need to feed it with a skin care regime, just as you feed the rest of your body with a diet rich in healthy foods and nutrients.
Tips for oily/combination skin
A skin that is combination-oily has a higher activity of the pilosebaceous glands or rate of sebum production due to genetics, hormones, lifestyle, diet or vitamin deficiencies.
How vitamin A can improve sun damage
 Topical Vitamin A (retinol) is arguably the MOST important component and ingredient in your daily regime to promote a strong and healthy skin. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to pigmentation irregularities, sun damage of skin cells and capillaries, ageing through...