Chemical Peels

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What are chemical peels?

Chemical Peels are a great intensive yet non-aggressive modality in your treatment plan to fast-track results, encouraging rejuvenation in the deeper levels of the skin with minimal downtime.

Before beginning treatment, we first complete a detailed skin consultation where we can recommend a suitable course of peels, reinforced with a thorough home care regime to achieve the best results. Our peels utilise alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and vitamin A in differing levels or strengths. We take care to introduce these ingredients slowly, building your skins over-all health and strength without causing any trauma.

Benefits of our peels can include intense hydration and plumping, increased cell turn-over, stimulation of collagen and elastin, normalisation of your sebaceous glands, improvement of pigmentation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles or textures and pores.

A course of peels can be incredibly useful, and is recommended for the treatment of acne. Book in a consultation if you are unsure what the best treatment is for you.


(30 minutes) $150+ (Price varies depending on peels chosen )

Clinical cleanse | Peel preparation | Custom peel | Serums | Hydrating mist | SPF.

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Reduction in acne and scarring with chemical peels and skinpen microneedling
Acne before and after chemical peels


The Deep Sea Peel

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Preparation and Homecare

To ensure optimal results from your professional treatments, we will recommend a personalised home care regime based on your concerns and skin condition.

The purpose of these products will be to prepare your skin for these intensive facial treatments, ensuring you have a strong barrier and your cells are functioning adequately. This includes inhibiting excess pigment or sebum production, allowing your skin to respond to these treatments in a more effective manner.

These products could include:

  • Vitamin A - Cosmedix Define, Cosmedix Refine, Cosmedix Refine plus,  Cosmedix Serum 16, Cosmedix Elite Refine RX, Cosmedix Elite X-Cell+, Cosmedix Elite Serum 24, Cosmedix Elite X-Age or Cosmeidx Elite Alt-A
  • Tyrosinase/pigment inhibitor - Aspect Pigment Punch Plus, Cosmedix Simply Brilliant, Cosmedix Elite X-Cell + or Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2
  • Good basic regime including cleanser, moisturiser and sun screen from our cosmeceutical brands

Who can't receive peels?

Some conditions may be complete contra-indications for peels (we can instead explore facials in your treatment plan to strengthen and nourish your skin). Complete contra-indications can include:

  • Auto immune disease that effect photo sensitivity or skin health
  • Photo-sensitising medications and roaacutane
  • Active infections - herpes, staph, boils, fungal etc. These must be completely under control before any treatment
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • History of serious keloid scarring


Be sure to follow the below after care instructions to ensure optimal results. No activities that will induce heat and vaso-dialation of your capillaries for at least the first 24 hours (including):

  • Exercise
  • Hot showers or baths
  • Use of hot oven/baking
  • Sitting in front of hot air con/fire place
  • Direct sun exposure
  • Alcohol consumption
  • No makeup is to be applied until 12 hours after treatment, mineral makeup is best

After care to continue from 24 hours on wards:

  • Sunscreen MUST BE WORN at all times
  • DO NOT pick the skin
  • Follow the home care regime that has been prescribed to your by your skin therapist. This will boost the results of your treatment
  • You may experience a slightly drier skin post treatment, you may begin gently exfoliating after your professional advises so
  • Avoid treatments such as facial waxing, strong AHA/BHA or retinol, microdermabrasion, botox and fillers for 2 weeks post treatment
  • Avoid IPL and laser for 4 weeks post treatment
  • If you have any concerns post treatment, contact your therapist immediately