Acne Program at Silk Space

 When it comes to treating acne long term, it is so important to be treating more than just the skin alone. Your Silk Space Clinic acne journey will follow a holistic approach to ensure success in treating your acne and managing it long term.

Our first step will be to go through a thorough skin consultation directed towards acne prone skins. We will ask many questions about your skincare, diet and lifestyle to ensure we are covering all bases to identify the potential causes of your acne. We then do a thorough skin analysis to identify your skin type and acne type.

With all the information gathered at your initial consult, we will put together your treatment plan. Treatment plans include your skin analysis, a full at home skincare routine and in clinic treatment schedule.

It is vital that in clinic treatments are attended at the recommended intervals as these are calculated depending on the type of acne and how it is best treated. Skincare routines are a mandatory part of the acne programme and must be followed as recommended by your therapist to ensure optimal results.

To begin your Acne Program, book in a skin consultation and treatment plan service. 

Acne program

What can you expect in your treatment plan?


Lifestyle recommendations to action alongside acne guide

You will receive a 30 page acne guide covering everything you need to know about acne including causes, triggers and treatment. This will cover diet, supplementation, hormones, pore clogging ingredients and more. These lifestyle recommendations are incredibly important as they will often REDUCE current acne triggers. Not adhering to these recommendations will slow down progress dramatically.


Initial cosmeceutical skin care prescription 

Cleanser, retinol serum, acne treatment serum, moisturiser and sun screen. This can range between $482-$540

Additional treatment serums that may be required due to skin colour, condition or persistent acne and could range from $75 to $165 per product. This could be pigment inhibitors for darker skin colours, hydrating serums, additional chemical/acid exfoliators or spot treatments.

All of the recommended products are acne safe and formulated without pore clogging ingredients (a vital inclusion in the acne program), as well as proven to effectively treat acne through scientifically tested ingredients.

It should be expected that we will make regular adjustments to your skin care either by adding in stronger treatment serums to ensure your skin doesn't get used to the products, or to maintain the skin barrier and health.

Without adherence to use of all recommended products at the suggested frequency, we cannot guarantee results. 


In clinic treatments

The most clinically effective treatment that has shown to reduce and improve acne is peels. When completed in regular internals of 2-4 weeks (depending on your acne grade and type) acids and retinols will promote a healthy skin cell turnover cycle, prevent blockages within the pores and speed up the skin's natural healing process.

We have package options of 3 for 10% off and 6 for 15% off. These could typically range between $405-$770 (3pack) and $765-$1455 (6 pack) in cost.

 Difference in cost will depend on peels chosen according to your acne grade, type and as work our way up in peel strength.


How long can it take to see results?

Results can be seen anywhere from 3-12 months post commencing the acne programme. The time frame for results depends heavily on the grade and type of acne, commitment to the treatment plan and incorporating any necessary lifestyle changes.  

After the acne is cleared we recommend either peels or facials at a 6-8 week interval to maintain skin health. A course of microneedling may be recommended  if scarring is present.

To begin your Acne Program, book in a skin consultation and treatment plan service.