Is your skin care chirally-corrected? What you need to know!

Antioxidant skin protection

Are your skin receptors actually accepting and positively interacting with the molecules in your skin care? Is your skin care chirally-corrected? What does this all mean?

Many cosmeceutical skin care lines improve the purity and bio-availability of their products by investing into the science of chirally-corrected ingredients.

The ingredients in your skin care are comprised of asymmetrical molecules that exist in two mirror image forms i.e. a left and right hand side. However, one side is not as bio-available for our skin to use. Meaning, one side is like placing your left hand in a right handed glove… it may kind of work, but will be uncomfortable and not have the same effect.

When we chirally-correct these ingredients, we filter the molecules so that the only the ones that positively interact with our skin remain. The left hand glove is now easily utilised by the left hand or in reality, the receptors in your skin can now accept and utilise the molecule more effectively with less irritation.

Benefits of chirally-correct ingredients:

  1. Have an increased bioavailability/are effectively accepted and utilised by our skin receptors
  2. Possible irritants and allergens decreased
  3. Ingredient molecules are safer and more stable 

Interesting fact:
In order for a new drug to be cleared by the FDA, chirality must be used to improve the purity. As such, drug companies have spent billions of dollars on chirality research and cosmeceutical skin care is following suit!

 “We use chirally-correct ingredients, meaning our formulas have been filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with the skin. The result? Less irritation and more concentrated formulas capable of real change.” - Cosmedix Skin Care

*This blog posts cover image shows the result of an interesting experiment. The left side of the apple was cut and left untreated by any products, where as the right side was cut and treated by Cosmedix Antioxidant serum and Pure C. The difference seen is after of 3 hours of exposure to free radicals and other environmental factors with and without antioxidant protection! You can even see where is missed spots on the right side... This puts into perspective the importance of protecting your skin from environmental stressors with antioxidants and sun protection! To learn more about these powerhouse antioxidant serums, click HERE.

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