Skin Consultation & Treatment Program

At Silk Space, our team of Specialised Skin Therapists is dedicated to providing advanced, results-driven skin treatments. To ensure we deliver the most effective treatments for your unique needs, we begin your skin journey with a comprehensive Skin Consultation and Treatment Program.

This consultation and treatment program process is designed with your best interests in mind. It not only enables us to tailor the most suitable treatments for your skin but also serves as an educational opportunity. During this time, we share our extensive knowledge and expertise to help you understand your skin’s condition and how you can enhance its health.

The consultation process takes between 30-45mins in-clinic with you, and a further 45minutes after your treatment to write up your detailed treatment program.

Our Acne Skin Consultation and Treatment Program service lasts approximately 60 minutes and involves an in-depth analysis of your health, lifestyle, and skincare practices that may cause or trigger acne. Along with your personalised treatment plan, you will receive a comprehensive 30-page e-book, "The Ultimate Acne Guide," providing you with all the information needed to effectively manage and improve your acne.

Skin Consultation and Treatment Program (30-45mins) $75
Acne Skin Consultation and Treatment Program (60mins) $100

(Both services are available to book via our online booking calendar, and are fully redeemable when you purchase at least $350 of prescription skin care at your appointment).

Virtual Consultations

At Silk Space, we also offer virtual skin consultations and treatment programs for those unable to visit our clinic. This process mirrors our in-clinic consultations and includes a skin barrier test kit sent to you prior to your appointment, in lieu of an in-clinic analysis. This kit helps us assess your skin condition and health, enhancing our recommendations when combined with our consultation findings and discussion.

Virtual Skin Consultation and Treatment Program (30mins) $75
Virtual Acne Skin Consultation and Treatment Program (60mins) $100


Skin Consultation & Treatment Program Process


New client form and skin consultation

 Prior to your appointment we will send you two questionnaires to complete. The first is a basic health and safety form that asks questions about age, health conditions, allergies and medication to ensure you are suitable for treatment. 

The second is a detailed skin consultation questionnaire. This will dive more in-depth into your concerns, skin health, skincare products, genetic factors, hormonal influences, and lifestyle factors such as diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, occupation, exercise habits, water intake, and sun exposure. This comprehensive approach helps us to understand the underlying causes of your skin concerns. 


Skin consultation and analysis

At your appointment, one of our qualified and specialised Skin Therapists will physically analyse and diagnose your skin. We will look at your skin concerns, test your skin condition and barrier function. We are looking for markers like sensitivity, vascularity, hydration levels, keratinisation and skin thickness, lipid production, hyperpigmentation, ageing, pores, possible rosacea or acne.


Skin consultation and treatment program
We will then discuss the findings from your skin analysis and educate you on the skincare and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your concerns. This will be followed by prescription skincare recommendations and booking in the first treatment in your program.
Additionally, you have the option to join our membership program, which offers regular skin treatments and prescription skincare at a discounted rate, priority bookings, free LED sessions, ongoing support and troubleshooting, and VIP access to exclusive offers and special content.


Skin consultation and treatment plan

Lastly, we will then create a digital copy of your personalised treatment program. This comprehensive document will include tips and tricks, lifestyle recommendations, product suggestions, and in-clinic treatments specifically targeted to address your skin concerns.


 Book in a Skin Consultation and Treatment Program service with one of your specialists via the booking calendar listed at the top of your website 'BOOK NOW'.