Prin Lymphatic Therapy

Prin therapy benefits

This is the perfect holistic treatment for restoring the balance and health of your skin; especially those experiencing acne, congestion, ageing skin, dehydrated, dullness, inflammation, pregnancy or on roaccutane.

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Prin lymphatic process

(75 minutes) $200

Clinical cleanse | Preparation solution | Lymphatic mask application | Arm massage | 20 mins of undisturbed rest | Foam Cleanse + Steam removal | Finishing serums | Opti Crystal Eye Cream | Lip balm | SPF.

Prin Lymphatic Therapy can also be included in our Custom Corrective 90min facials with a few additions to boost results.

We recommend a course of 3 at 1-2 weekly intervals to aid in the improvement of your skin condition, or prep for more intensive treatment options. Alternatively this is a great monthly or bi-monthly option to maintain skin health.