Pores! Why are they there and what can we do about them?

Pores - One of the most commonly asked questions we get is "How do I get rid of or reduce my pores?".

Pores can appear in different sizes on different skins, depending on each skin type and condition.


What are they?

Pores are little follicles within the skin and we have millions if not billions all over our body. From these pores is where we secrete oil, sweat and toxins all day long.

The size of our pores fluctuates depending on how much or how little oil flow is being produced. Each pore is contained by a circular shaped muscle and the more this muscle is used, the more relaxed and visible it becomes - which is why oilier skins have more visible pores compared to lipid dry skins. Naturally the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), has more sebaceous glands than anywhere else on the face which is why the pores are generally more obvious in these areas.



How do you get rid of them?

Well.. in short, you can't. Pores are here to stay as they are a vital part of our skin's anatomy and are required for good skin health. There are some treatments that can help to increase collagen surrounding the pores which can work to tighten up the muscle that has weakened, and this can slightly reduce the appearance of pores.

Ingredients such as retinol can also help to refine the appearance of pores, as well as vitamin B to balance oil flow and reduce the amount of oil coming through the pores can have an impact of the size of pores. Hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can help to plump up the skin's water content which can reduce the appearance of pores.

Looking after your skin with proper skincare and regular treatments will help to keep your pores clean and free of dirt and build up and prevent them from enlarging further. Avoid over exfoliation, pore strips and deeps scrubs as these damage the barrier of the skin and can lead to serious skin damage.

Our favourite products for skin with visible pores:


Why you should love them!

Pores are the doorway for our sebaceous glands to provide the surface of our skin with nourishment and they play a vital role in building our skin's natural barrier. Pores are a sign of good skin health and a functioning lipid barrier - which means increased hydration, slower ageing process and a stronger defence against inflammation and bacteria. Without pores the skin would be dry, heavily prone to dehydration and premature ageing. Embrace and look after your pores, as once they are there they are with you for life.


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